What’s Coming Up…

A few things are in the works to outfit this page and my foray into the online world. Don’t expect a facebook page anytime soon (though you never know), but you should expect to see…

  • An Interview with Nicelle Davis (with Me). (Nicelle is a poet and friend who has been hosting a poetry workshop in our cafe. Or, you could say we have been hosting her workshop. Either way, I’m looking forward to sitting down with her soon for an interview which will be posted here and maybe on her Bee’s Knees Poetry Blog too.)
  • Background and information on the Distant Relatives series.
  • A post or two about working in mixed media (where I may share some ideas on how to make your own collage kit). Don’t wait for me though before starting a kit. It’s never too early. A kit is everyone’s best friend/project. I’ve got kits for everything, it seems: camping, collage, watercolor, and I’ve got a sexy picnic kit in the works. ;).
  • A new etsy page offering original works from the Distant Relatives series, prints, and a few other surprises.


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I Saw You In A Vision

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