Picturing the Future & Acting on the Plan of Action

As a side project to the Distant Relatives series (and because I’ve been asked about the process behind the finished pieces), I am taking some “process photos” to make a visual timeline of the development of the pieces in this series. 

Saying that I’m definitely going to get photos of every new piece at every step along the way would be promising more than I am actually likely to do. It’s enough sometimes just to get going on the work on any given day and once I get started I tend to go go go…so I can’t promise that I will always remember to stop and take pictures as I go (go) (go).  Hopefully though there will be a broad answer in these process photos to the question of how the Distant Relatives pieces develop and how they change as they go (go) (go).

Today, there are almost a half-dozen new pieces in the works and many of those didn’t get photographed in their primary incarnations…but if we start now, I figure there is still a good chance to see how a piece can change as it moves through the process, from formative to formed, inchoate to coated with light glaze.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Consider this a first step in the process of documenting a process focused on reclaiming time. This is the first signpost. The stake that makes the claim. 🙂

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3 Responses to Picturing the Future & Acting on the Plan of Action

  1. Reblogged this on a house of water and commented:
    June is not yet fully up to speed with her blog but there are signs that she is getting there. The blog she is keeping, really, is a kind of access page in the sense that she is offering access into her creative process. I don’t know exactly what direction she is going to take, ultimately, but I am going to watch closely. I’ve been watching her produce multi-media pieces for a while now and I’m more fascinated than ever, I think.

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  3. Sundry says:

    Thanks for the post, June. Fascinating.

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