Collage Kits are in the works…

Not long ago I mentioned collage kits.

I meant it.

Here is a sample piece made by a protege of mine. Yes, protege. Well. Ok. Not really. I just nudged him once. Then nudged him again.

Images, paper, book parts, shapes and more (color) and more (black and white) and more (text) and stuff and things will stuff the collage kits. This piece uses an image from a bird book, two pages from a Spanish language book on the German composer Wagner, masking tape, craft paper and number stickers.

Put it together and you’ve got a quick collage to use as decoration or to seed new ideas for your work in other media. What do you think?

The kits should be ready for release at Sagebrush Cafe and on etsy around Thanksgiving-time.

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