Speaking of Distant Relatives…

You can read a review of the Distant Relatives series here in an essay by Eric Martin. He tries to get at the experience of viewing the works in this series by looking at two pieces, Kiss and Blood.

Article/Essay. (Go ahead, read it.)

You can leave a comment about the article/essay on Eric’s page or you can come back here and let me know if you read it and what you think.

Distant Relatives and some fun 555He and I talked about the essay before he posted it.  I told him that I was surprised he didn’t discuss certain details of color in these pieces and the general viewing experience. I would have thought that color would naturally come up in any discussion about Distant Relatives, probably because color is so primary to me when I look at art and create.

But two people will always see the same thing differently.

In one way, that is what is interesting about this essay. In another way, that’s what can make essays like these difficult to write. Explaining and translating an aesthetic experience can be a hard thing to do.

Don’t worry. He already got his hug and his thanks for writing the essay and helping me spread the word about my art and my new website-blog (the one you’re on right now!). Though he pushed for wine and kisses.

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One Response to Speaking of Distant Relatives…

  1. I’m still wanting the kisses and the wine. 🙂

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